Universe IPTV

Take advantage of the best offers on our wide options and enjoy the largest package of international and Arab channels and a huge library of movies and series at very reasonable prices.

The most important features of the subscription

The number of channels we have + 15000 channels and movies & Series, we are constantly developing to increase the number.

Our motto (Your satisfaction is our goal and experience is the best proof).

Experience before subscribing for 24 hours.

You can now easily subscribe with us.

We also offer you the service of buying Smart IPTV for a symbolic amount

The subscription works on one of the following devices

Smart TV Screen

Android box Device

Smart phones: iPhone, Samsung, etc


Delta Device

Tiger Device

IPTV Supported Devices

The most important channels transmitted by the subscription

SSC Sports FHD (Full) Sports Channels

BEIN 4K (Full) Sports and Movies Channels

OSN 4K Channels (Full) Showtime, Hekaya and Children

My-HD Channels (Full), Movies, Programs, Etc

PRO SPORTS FHD (Full) Sports Channels

FOX FHD Channels (Full) Movies and Children

ABU DHABI FHD (Full) Sports Channels

AL KASS FHD (Full) Sports Channels

SKY FHD channels (Full) Sports and Movies

MBC 4K + PRO FHD Channels (Full)

And many encrypted and unencrypted channels Arabic, Turkish, Italian, French, American

For movie lovers, there is also an endless library of advanced international films and series of new subtitled Arab and foreign films in FHD resolution, and also allows you to present and control the film!

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